Top 5 Myths About Luxury Dressing Gowns!

People avoid living their lives in a certain way. A lot of this has to do with myths that surround their lives. Myths have been a part of the fashion community too. Undoubtedly, myths have shaped your dressing sense. It has both positive and negative effects on you. Myths have held you back from trying out new styles. Not living the fashion fully doesn't seem right. And so we will bust some myths in this article. Let's bust some myths around luxury dressing gowns.

MYTH  1 - You shouldn’t buy luxury dressing gowns online!

Are you sceptical about shopping online? It might be because you have heard people saying that they have seen others receiving the exact opposite of what they had ordered. Well, there are dodgy sellers both in the virtual and in the real world. But online shopping introduces you to reputable brands like Glamfe. Glamfe brings to you the best gowns. Glamfe also provides free alteration services. Online shopping isn’t bad. It is rewarding.

2 - Designer luxury dressing gown robes are too extravagant!

Not all designer gowns are extravagant. And in recent times when a lot of designers are advocating the minimalism and Bauhaus designs, finding designer gowns with plainer designs and moderate pricing is not hard to find. At Glamfe you get designer gowns at a reasonable price.

3 - Best luxury dressing gowns are expensive!

Not all gowns are expensive and not all inexpensive gowns are low quality. We will give you a valuable advice. When you are shopping inexpensive gowns you should purchase them from traditional brick and mortar stores as you can check their quality first-hand. Purchasing inexpensive gowns from online stores might seem lucrative but things may not turn out according to your expectations.

4 - Women above 30 shouldn’t wear bright coloured gowns!

Freedom of wearing favourite colours isn’t just for teenagers, it’s for everyone. You should wear your favourite colours on special occasions. Don’t play safe. Just wear your favourite colour and set the trend.

5 - Showing too much skin is inappropriate!

Boundaries are meant to be pushed! No one should decide how you sport your dress especially if it’s a gown. We are living in the 21st century and we will decide what we want to wear. You can easily put on a sleeveless or a backless gown for your next ball party. You can get your gowns personalised at Glamfe.

Tips for wearing womens luxury dressing gown in Indian climate!

Wear sleeveless for outdoor parties in summer!

Indian summers are hot, humid and obnoxious. You need a little bit of room to enjoy when you are in a gown at an outdoor party. Sleeveless gowns keep you cool and calm. Sleeveless gowns also help you stand apart in the world of traditional and old fashioned gown enthusiasts.

Accessorise it with proper jewellery!

If you are wearing a gown with a complex design then pair it with simple and plain accessories. But when you are wearing a minimalistic gown then you should pair it with complex accessories. Complex and simple complement each other and pairing them rightly shows that you have a sense of style.

Choose comfort over style!

Parties and occasions are long and overwhelming. To endure the discomfort you have to be inside a comfortable gown. We have seen people getting upset and losing their temper because of uncomfortable dressing. All we want to say is that – your dress shouldn’t limit your presence. It should be a graceful extension of yours.

Choose gowns according to the dress code!

We have been in college where black gowns and black suits were made the dress code for the party night. Dress codes matter in such parties and following the dress code shows that you belong to a tribe. Be it fresher’s or farewell; shop your gown according to the guidelines of the party.

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