The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Luxury Tops for Ladies!

The summers have arrived! Summer calls for uncomplicated dressing styles as none of us wants to drench in sweat and move around in complexly woven dresses. A wardrobe stacked with tops is a necessity in the summers. Tops and tees make us attractive and comfortable. There is a range of tops that can be paired with denim. This article is here to offer you some tips on them.

Choosing the right colour – Practical v/s favourite colour!

Choosing the right colour for the summers becomes more practical as lighter shades of colours keep you cool while the darker shades heat your body. The basic science of heat absorption by the darker shades of colour is in play over here and we recommend you to stay away from darker shades of colour at least during the daytime. Lighter shades of colour especially yellow and orange have been known to excite us and we need this psychological stimulus during the tiresome summers. We think that yellow and orange are the best colours as they keep you charged up while keeping you cool.

Matching the luxury womens tops trend!

If you don’t want to be left behind with ever-changing fashion then you have to keep up with the evolving fashion trends. The good news is that Tops are trendy. From regular tops to tank tops to off shoulders to tees, you have a plethora of dresses to choose from.

Choosing pure cotton v/s choosing mixed textiles!

Pure cotton tops are extremely comfortable as they permeate well and soak well, both of which are required for summers. But pure cotton tops have their own sets of demerits as they fade, crease easily and don’t stay new after a bit of rough usage. Mixed textiles like poly cot and terry cot stay new use after use and wash after wash. We recommend that you should get cotton tops that have some mix of either polyester or terylene. The combinations will bring the best of both worlds.

Types of luxury ladies tops that you can choose from!

Basic T-shirt - It needs no introduction as these are the most regular top that you see people wearing as band tees to sports team tees.

Sleeveless Shirt – Don’t confuse it with tank tops as a sleeveless tee is different from them. It covers more of your shoulders and comes with a high neckline or a collar.

Tunic – These tops drape beautifully right below the hips and give you a flattering look every time you wear them.

V-neck Top - V-neck tops are pretty common and they come with a collar shaped like a “V”.

Turtleneck Top – Turtlenecks make your arms look slimmer and make your torso appear longer. Turtlenecks are great dresses for summer. They keep you cool and comfortable.

Boxy Top - These tops have a box-like shape. If you are a woman with a petite body structure then this top will look best on you. It is ideal for petite bodied women as it adds balance to their structure.

Crop Top – Sass up your daily routine with crop tops. They come in varieties like long sleeves, off-shoulder, and sleeveless. This should be on your list if you want to spice up your next date.

Final words – There are a variety of dresses that you can choose from. You just have to figure out your body type and you are good to go. This guide is exactly aimed at telling its readers to choose the ideal dress according to their body types.

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