How western party wear women has changed in past decades!

Although, some college freshers and farewell parties have dress code, but Party dresses have never been strictly controlled like office dresses. Yet party wear has gone through an evolution as well. This article will tell you the saga of evolution of party wear over the past decades.

What inspired the evolution of women’s party wear in India?

The Indian fashion industry has evolved, grown and transformed over the past four decades. In the heart of this change was globalisation, western influence, and ever-changing tastes. Bollywood or the Hindi film industry has also played a major role in transforming the way Indian women dress. From salwar kameez to bell-bots to lehenga sarees, our fashion has undergone significant transformation throughout the past decades. Be it a versatile saree, or a modern way of amalgamating Indian and western dresses like fusing kurta and jeans, we adapted to various fashion trends and yet we managed to look beautiful.

Western party wear for women that are leading the fashion now!

The present Indian dresses have evolved around the structure of a few western dresses, like lehenga has evolved to become something in between a lehenga and a gown. But this change has been gracefully accepted and beautifully executed. Thanks to the few fashion designers who have been able to pull the impossible. There are some dresses that are dictating the way fashion should be. They are the forerunner of the dresses that are going to come in the next decade. Here are some of the dresses that can be considered the arbiter of fashion in this decade.

Stylised Gowns – Dressing in gowns for festive parties is all about appearing magnificent. Gowns are great as party wears. Gowns give you a regal feeling when you are inside one of them. The recent trend of wearing gowns in India has been around the gowns with ethnic touch. You can check the collection of Gowns at the Glamfe store. 

Co-ords – The best thing about co-ords is that they require zero styling. You just need to put them on, be carefree and get on with your thing. Made with matching colours, fabrics or theme prints, our Co-ords are either a coordinating sweatshirt or jogger outfit or a matching top and skirt ensemble. Co-ords are those outfits that have been known to give ladies an extra 15 minutes in bed. These dresses add maximum style without compromising your laidback mornings. They take minimum effort to wear and yet they make you look elegant. This is something simple yet fashionable to wear.

Jumpsuits – Comfortable and stylish, jumpsuits have finally taken a place in the wardrobe. Elegant jumpsuits have become go-to staple wear for many of us today. Jumpsuits are more than cosy pyjamas as they are sexy, stylish and comfy. You get to stay in your skin and remain comfortable outside your home.

Luxury Tops and jeans – Basic T-shirts need no introduction as these are the most regular top that you see people wearing as band tees to sports team tees. Another type of specialised tees is sleeveless shirts. A sleeveless Shirt covers more of your shoulders and comes with a high neckline or a collar. V-neck tops are pretty common and they come with a collar shaped like a “V”. Turtlenecks make your arms look slimmer and make your torso appear longer. Turtlenecks are great dresses for summer. They keep you cool and comfortable. Boxy tops have a box-like shape. If you are a woman with a petite body structure then this top will look best on you. It is ideal for petite bodied women as it adds balance to their structure.

Final words – Fashion is ever-changing but some styles remain evergreen. We have seen the dressing evolution from bell-bots to designer sarees, and fashion is still evolving and taking a new shape. You have a plethora of choices when it comes to dresses. Be bold and fashionable!

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